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About me

I'm not the best with intros and bios. I've never been one to talk about myself much. I grew up with severe social anxiety and low self esteem. Through a lot of therapy and healing, I am getting better with taking up space and making my presence known.


With that being said, I'm a silly little artist that likes to work with both traditional and digital mediums. I started drawing when I was young and always loved to exercise my creative mind. I was lucky enough to have private art lessons for a few months in my early teens, where i gained a good bit of technical knowledge. I also took a plethora of art classes in High School. Besides that, I learned a lot on my own through tutorials and articles. My art style is generally very colorful. I love having surreal and abstract elements in my art. 


Currently, I live in Philadephia, PA with my Fiance and 4 lovely kitty cats. I'm addicted to Sushi. I want to keep creating art for the world. I currently work a day job, but my dream is to eventually make art and graphic design full time.

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